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We Have A Strong Connection With Telecommunication Employees

We’re Dialed-In to Your Retirement

For nearly 20 years, Bolvin Wealth Management has worked with Verizon and AT&T employees and retirees. With over 600 telecommunication clients, we’ve acquired unparalleled experience to help you seamlessly transition from employment to retirement.

We Know Your Employee Benefits

So much of your retirement depends on your employee benefits. You need to understand what you’ll get, how it works, and how much it may cost. We’ve developed the know-how designed to help you optimize your benefits. As part of our services, we provide clients with a comprehensive review of their employee benefits, including your;

  • Compensation Plan 
  • Severance Plan
  • IPP (Income Protection Plan)
  • EIPP (Enhanced Income Protection Plan)
  • 401(k) Plan 
  • Traditional Pension Plan 
  • Cash Balance Pension Plan
  • Retiree Healthcare Plan

We Know Your Retirement Process

We’ve studied your plans. We understand the process. We have you covered.

Whether you separate from the company through (1) a voluntary retirement, (2 ) a RIF (“Reduction in Force”) or (3) an EIPP (“Enhanced Income Protection Plan”), we can steer you right. We’ll walk you through the retirement process step-by-step helping you to understand your benefits, avoid pitfalls and optimize results.

We Can Help.

If you’re separating or retiring from Verizon , contact us for a free consultation.

Making a Strong Connection with Telecommunication Clients

See Our Outline of Employee Benefits Advisory Services

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